Are we alone in the Universe? Not! ♦ Is an Alien Contact Imminent?

Contact ♦ More than 400 years ago, Giordano Bruno, an Italian humanist theologian and theologian of the Renaissance era, wrote that “there is countless earth in space that orbits other suns and that could host similar creatures, even superior to…

EPIC CASSINI ⊕ Reason for his “Grand Finale” is to protect Alien Life

EPIC CASSINI | The Cassini probe, which was launched to Saturn in 1997, remains fuel-free. To avoid collapsing on Saturn’s natural satellite that may have extraterrestrial life, NASA will destroy the robot by controlling the gas giant, while trying to…

Colonization † Can We Be Somebody’s Aliens ?

Colonization | The construction of colonies would require primarily basic elements for survival: water, food, raw materials, vital support, energy, communications, transport, artificial gravity and anti-radiation protection. [the_ad id=”6580″] Colonization of other planets has often been the subject of SF…

Cassini’s Grand Finale: Pictures From and Between Saturn And Rings

Cassini’s Grand Finale: NASA’s Cassini spacecraft continues making history The Cassini spacecraft has been studying Saturn and her moons for nearly 20 years and is now finally running out of fuel. The Cassini mission is set to end this September,…

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