Healing With Crystals – Treatment With Therapeutic Crystals
Healing With Crystals Scientists say at least 33% of the Earth's surface is made up of crystals. Crystal therapies are now known and people are becoming more and more curious and interested.…
South Atlantic Anomaly,radically changes the Earth’s magnetic field
South Atlantic Anomaly Scientists warn that something is wrong with our planet. More precisely, they are concerned about a certain area where the magnetic field is so weak that it is dangerous…
The Mushrooms Could be an Alien Species | A Crazy Hypothesis?
Mushrooms A crazy hypothesis: mushrooms could be extraterrestrial species coming from the Universe to colonize the Earth. When you look in a dark night and see the unknown stars scattered in the sky,…
Mesentery: Scientists have discovered a new organ within the human body
Mesentery American researchers claim they have discovered a new organ of the human body. They have also baptized it - it is called Interstitium/mesentery and could be the largest organ of the…
Is Time Travel Possible? Answer of the scientists to this enigma of all time
Time Travel Scientists claim that, at least at the theoretical level, time travel is possible. There is no mathematical reason to show that a time machine cannot go beyond time and return…
Brain About: Outstanding Facts and Curiosities about Human Brain
Brain About Brain conceals many mysteries and in the attempt to elucidate and discover them there are some extraordinary curiosities that have come to light. The human brain remains an enigma for researchers,…
How do Scientists Calculate the Age of Stars and Which Star is the Oldest?

Stars | Astronomers have demonstrated that they can accurately calculate the age of a star, following the speed of rotation of the star around its own axis, according to BBC material, and…

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