Movile Cave: The Only Place On Earth Like Mars Habitat
Movile Cave Video Movile Cave Being silent for many years, the accidental discovery of some Romanian specialists conducting geodesic studies in 1986 for the location of a thermal power station near the Black Sea…
Your Eyes | Outstanding Facts and Curiosities about Human Eyes
Eyes, the We do not think for a moment how bad we do to our eyes sitting in front of the computer from morning till night. We forget that the eyes are…
Your Heart ♥ Outstanding Facts and Curiosities about Human Heart
Heart Research over the last few years has led us to a new level of understanding our existence. The heart is a fascinating organ that has its own 'life', generating an incredible…
Teotihuacan | Tunnel Discovered Near The Pyramid Of The Moon

Teotihuacan |Researchers at the National Institute of Anthropology and History in Mexico say they have evidence of a secret tunnel dug under the Teotihuacan Moon Pyramid.According to archaeologists, the tunnel would symbolize…

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