Physicists Made Quantum Teleportation Underwater for the First Time

Quantum Teleportation | Chinese scientists successfully transmitted the information between two entangled particles through seawater, a type of quantum communication for the first time underwater. [the_ad id=”6580″] In this concept demonstration experiment, the information was transmitted through a 3.3-meter seawater…

STAR TREK | The Future Is Now! SF Technologies Become Reality?

STAR TREK | The science-fiction writers ‘visions go through the scientists’ laboratories and become, from time to time, reality. Although R. Daneel Olivaw, Isaac Asimov’s most famous positronic robot, is still not waiting for the metro with humans, humanoid robots…

Quantum Teleportation Succeeded | Between Earth And Space

Quantum Inseparability is a quantum phenomenon in which the quantum states of several objects or different elementary particles are “coupled” to one another. The quantum states of two or more entangled physical objects are linked to each other in such…

matrix world disclosure

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