What If The Moon is Not What You Think It Is ?
Moon Glorious, pale, veiled in mystery and intrigue. It’s been piercing the darkness of night with its rays since time immemorial. There hasn’t been a single culture to not worship the moon.…
Life on Enceladus? complex organic molecules on Saturn’s satellite?
Enceladus From stories about the inhabitants of the Moon to the costly research programs set up by space agencies, identifying the presence of life on another heavenly body seems to be an…
BLACK KNIGHT SATELLITE / Real, Fake or Hidden Agenda?
VIDEO BLACK KNIGHT SATELLITE is claimed by some conspiracy theorists to be an object approximately 13,000 years old of extraterrestrial origin orbiting Earth in near-polar orbit. Critics and mainstream academics have called…
A Meteorite has Crashed near Detroit, US, Causing an Earthquake | Video

Meteorite strikes the United States. There was a bright wave followed by an explosion. In one second, a ball of fire crossed the sky of Wisconsin. Thanks to the surveillance cameras in…

MAVEN breakthrough: Mars has a unique magnetic field in Solar System
NASA's MAVEN mission has made a remarkable breakthrough: Mars has a unique magnetic field in our Solar System Mars has an invisible magnetic “tail” that is twisted by interaction with the solar…
EPIC CASSINI ⊕ Reason for his “Grand Finale” is to protect Alien Life

EPIC CASSINI | The Cassini probe, which was launched to Saturn in 1997, remains fuel-free. To avoid collapsing on Saturn’s natural satellite that may have extraterrestrial life, NASA will destroy the robot…

TRAPPIST-1 | Astronomers Have Found a Solar System With 7 Planets?

TRAPPIST-1, also known as 2MASS J23062928-0502285, is a planetary system located at about 39 light-years of Earth. The main object of this system is a dwarf, ultra-cold, at the limit between red…

Solar Warden ⊗ Secret Space Program From Reagan’s Presidency?

Solar Warden | The discovery made by the hacker who entered NASA’s databases is fabulous. Gary McKinnon said he found enough information that Americans would have a secret space program run by…

Mysteries of the Moon | It Was Built By Aliens?

Mysteries | The theory accepted by most scientists about the origin of the Moon is that the Earth, barely formed, collided with another body, having almost the size of Mars. It is…

LIVE | TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE | Get Properly Prepared To See It

Solar Eclipse Warning! Looking directly into the sun without the special protection provided by solar filters or eclipse glasses can cause irreversible eye damage even blindness. At the bottom of this article,…

Cassini – It Moves Inside Saturn’s Rings

Cassini is one of the most ambitious missions ever launched into space. Loaded with an array of powerful instruments and cameras, the spacecraft is capable of taking accurate measurements and detailed images…

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