What If The Moon is Not What You Think It Is ?
Moon Glorious, pale, veiled in mystery and intrigue. It’s been piercing the darkness of night with its rays since time immemorial. There hasn’t been a single culture to not worship the moon.…
Asteroid 4 Vesta | So large & bright that it can be seen with the naked eye
4 Vesta The asteroid known as 4 Vesta is so large and bright that it can be noticed despite being 170 million miles away. According to Mail Online, it can be seen…
What is Gravity and How Does it Work? | Universe Mysteries
Gravity fights with quantum theory. It does not fit into the Standard Model. As if it were not enough, nobody detected the particle that is responsible. So, what is gravity? The effects…
Could they pass through the Van Allen Belt to the Moon | Or Not?

Van Allen Radiation Belt is a double torch formed of particles of energy (plasma) around Earth, retained by its magnetic field. Under the action of Lorentz electromagnetic forces, these particles describe the…

Colonization † Can We Be Somebody’s Aliens ?

Colonization | The construction of colonies would require primarily basic elements for survival: water, food, raw materials, vital support, energy, communications, transport, artificial gravity and anti-radiation protection. [the_ad id=”6580″] Colonization of other…

Mysteries of the Moon | It Was Built By Aliens?

Mysteries | The theory accepted by most scientists about the origin of the Moon is that the Earth, barely formed, collided with another body, having almost the size of Mars. It is…

The Moon | NASA Catalog Of Lunar Sightings Event

The Moon|With the observation through technical tools that have increasingly amplified the image and details of the Moon, questions, and answers evolved rapidly, and then at this beginning of the cosmic era,…

Five Myths About the Moon | Dark Side of the Moon

Five Myths About the Moon | We have full moons, blue moons, moons of bleeding, and more. In this material, you can find out some myths and misconceptions about the Earth’s natural…

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