Are We Almost Ready to Discover Extraterrestrial Life?
Life | The discovery of extraterrestrial life is closer because an astronomer suggests that it might even be in our solar system. Extraterrestrial life could be discovered over the next 20 years, but it will not look the way people…
How Many Stars are in our Vast Universe? ♦ Our Galaxy up to 400 billion

Universe | On the clear sky on a beautiful autumn night, we will see, with the naked eye, a few thousand stars. But how many stars are present in the whole Universe? About 9,000 stars can be seen with the…

The Dark Side of The Universe ♦ Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Dark Matter | The overwhelming majority of theoretician physicists agree that the universe is not just composed of billions and billions of galaxies, which are the ordinary matter whose interactions are studied by physics and chemistry, but also by a…

Super-Earth: Could it be a good place to look for life?

  A Super-Earth is an extrasolar planet with a mass higher than Earth’s, but substantially below the masses of the Solar System’s ice giants, Uranus and Neptune, which contain 15 and 17 Earth masses respectively. The term super-Earth refers only…

matrix world disclosure

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