Leonardo Da Vinci and Alien Contact | Genius
VIDEO Leonardo Da Vinci | Caterina was an orphan and lived with her grandmother in a house on a hill, 1.5 kilometers from Florence. Her grandmother dies in 1451, and a year later, Caterina gets pregnant. It was a great…
Nikola Tesla | Brilliant Inventor of the Second Millennium

Inventor | All his inventions have gone mental, he has previewed them. Also, they all have been perfected, corrected in such a real mental projection that never imagined a device has failed. Everything worked perfectly, without further correction, everything was…

Leonardo da Vinci ∴ Inventions and Discoveries ∴ Alien Contact

Leonardo da Vinci was the ideal representative of the Renaissance. Painter, writer, scientist, architect, inventor, has managed to bring in any field original contributions that radically changed what was known until then and announced later inventions and discoveries. [the_ad id=”6580″]…

matrix world disclosure

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