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Enoch Δ Builder Of The Great Pyramid Of Egypt? | MYSTERY

Enoch | On the west bank of the Nile, there is the oldest of the ancient world wonders, the Great Pyramid. According to accepted history, the Great Pyramid was built around 2500 BC as the tomb of Pharaoh Khufu. However, the dating of the Pyramid and its association with Khufu...


NEPHILIM — World Of Giants | Book of Enoch | Fallen Angels

The Nephilim, the product of the sons of god mingling with the daughters of Adam, the great Biblical giants, “the fallen ones,” the Rephaim, “the dead ones”—these descriptions are all applied to one group of characters found within the Hebrew Bible. Who are the Nephilim? From where do the...


Forbidden Book Of Enoch — Fallen Angels, Nephilim and Aliens

Enoch : Scroll down for video You can buy book here: The Book Of Enoch The Book of Enoch, written during the second century B.C.E., is one of the most important non-canonical apocryphal works, and probably had a huge influence on early Christian, particularly Gnostic, beliefs. Filled with hallucinatory visions...