Why Are We So Obsessed with Pyramids?
Pyramids                                                                …
Tiwanaku | Mysterious Modular Blocks at 13.123 feet
Tiwanaku / Tiahuanaco One of the oldest civilizations that existed on Earth has lived and developed in the Tiahuanaco ( Tiwanaku) region of Bolivia. The mysterious civilization, supposedly living about 14,000 years…
Ophiuchus: Thirteenth Sign | New Zodiac Sign and Effects on Other Sings
Ophiuchus | Astronomers overturn all astrological analyzes: the Earth's movement has led to the twelve signs, but also to the apparent inclusion of the 13th: Ophiuchus zodiac. Astrology has never been an…
The Oldest Civilization in the World | Ancient Times

Civilization | If you want to find out the concrete details of the oldest civilization in the world then that will be a bit difficult because there are no clear records of…

Magic Ring ⊗ Power behind Solomon, Genghis Khan and Charlemagne?

Magic Ring ⊗ It is known that the great majority of historical personalities loved the jewels and precious stones they wore or collected. [the_ad id=”6580″] Treasures do not always consist of large…

Dorothy Eady ∞ Reincarnation of Omm Sety Δ Priestess in Ancient Egypt

Dorothy Eady | The phenomenon of reincarnation is a fascinating subject, but few cases can be considered trustworthy. Dorothy Eady’s story is, however, the most important and most credible of all. The…

Eratosthenes, Over 2,000 Years Ago Has Estimated Earth’s Circumference

Eratosthenes|It was a time when our planet was the only world we could explore. Its true size was for the first time revealed by a simple but ingenious way by a man…

Temple of Amada – The oldest Egyptian temple in Nubia

Temple of Amada | For centuries oases and temples have been an important part of the Egyptian tapestry. There was a time when the Nubian Temples were once situated in between the…

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