Alien Abductions ?! Many Stories and a Theory (and yet, No Solid Proof)
Alien abductions? It's a controversial topic, but there are people who think the aliens have visited the planet and are convinced they have been kidnapped and taken by them on alien planets.…
Was the man created by an Alien Species? | Creation and Science

Alien Species | Since ancient times, creation has been an important subject in human life. Each culture has tried to elucidate this mystery, offering different perspectives on the moment and the way…

Morphogenetic Theory or Morphic Fields | Experiments and Discoveries

Morphic Fields  | Since its discovery by Rupert Sheldrake, the morphogenetic theory has prompted vivid controversy. Reactions in the scientific world were so fierce that some scholars even thought: “Sheldrake puts magic…

Stellar Children – Extraterrestrial Genes | Consciousness of Unity

Stellar Children – What is the link between the human genome and the alien genome? In the last two decades, human civilization has expanded from many points of view, but first of…

Was Life First Formed on Mars? What If…

Life began on Mars before it arrived on Earth, sustains a major scientific conference, according to According to new research, the Red Planet would have had conditions to support life much…

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