The Oldest Civilization in the World | Ancient Times

Civilization | If you want to find out the concrete details of the oldest civilization in the world then that will be a bit difficult because there are no clear records of a single civilization. In this article, I will…

Mysteries Of The Tibet Plateau And Little People That Fell From The Stars

Tibet | According to Chinese scientists, the Dropa civilization, which lived 12,000 years ago, came from the Cosmos. A team of archaeologists at the University of Beijing, led by Professor Chi Pu Tei, discovering the Baian Kara Ula Caves in…

Great Wall of China | 8,850 km long | 11th-III centuries BC

Is Great Wall seen from the moon? Is the exact length of the Chinese wall known? When and for what was built? What are the best-preserved portions of the wall and how can they be visited? Many questions, simple answers. …

Temple of Heaven – The symbol of Beijing

Temple Heaven | Temples symbolize the long history and rich culture of China and are regarded as valuable art treasures. There are many different religions in China, such as the Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam introduced from other regions, as well…

matrix world disclosure

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