Black Holes | Is the entire Universe inside of one of it?

  Black Holes| According to the theory we currently have about the formation of the Universe, if we travel back in time with nearly 13.8 billion years, we will reach a singularity (a hot, very dense energy point) where laws…

White Hole ≡ Trough Wormhole from a Black Hole | UNIVERSE

White Hole | According to Einstein’s equations for general relativity theory, singularities are created whenever matter in a particular region becomes too dense, as would happen in the ultra-dense heart of a black hole. [the_ad id=”6580″] In a recent article…

Radio Signals Received by Astronomers | Galaxy at 3 Billion Light Years

Radio Signals |15 radio pulses from a MYSTERIOUS source found at 3 billion light-years from Earth. [the_ad id=”6580″] Astronomers have detected several days ago repeated radio signals coming from a distant galaxy at a distance of 3 billion light years.…

Hubble Space Telescope | Witness The Birth Of a Black Hole

Black Hole [the_ad id=’1965′] Hubble Space Telescope Witness The Birth Of a Black Hole — When a massive star expends its fuel, its core collapses into a dense object and sends the rest of its gas outward in an event called…

Space – Final Frontier finally reached…Black Holes under surveillance

Space – The Event Horizon Telescope is a project to create a large telescope array consisting of a global network of radio telescopes and combining data from several very-long-baseline interferometry stations around the Earth. Scientists believe they are on the…

matrix world disclosure

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