Black Holes | Is the entire Universe inside of one of it?

  Black Holes| According to the theory we currently have about the formation of the Universe, if we travel back in time with nearly 13.8 billion years, we will reach a singularity (a hot, very dense energy point) where laws…

Formation of Heavy Metals in the Universe

Heavy Metals in the Universe ∴ Astronomers at the University of California, San Diego, say that elements such as gold, platinum or uranium (and any element harder than iron) have formed as a result of massive star transformation and associated…

BEHIND THE MIND — MATRIX — Do You Believe In What You See ?

Matrix | The generation of today, have been bombarded by an information overload since birth: television, games, computers, internet, smart phones, Gameboys, schooling, magazines, religions, sports, culture are among the various nets thrown upon the youth of today that has…

matrix world disclosure

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