Theories That May Confirm the Connection Between Humans and Aliens
Theories A strange theory, found in most of the books by Erich von Dankinen, a Swiss writer, claims that aliens have been visiting the Earth since the pre-history of time, and aliens…
Magic Ring ⊗ Power behind Solomon, Genghis Khan and Charlemagne?

Magic Ring ⊗ It is known that the great majority of historical personalities loved the jewels and precious stones they wore or collected. [the_ad id=”6580″] Treasures do not always consist of large…

THOTH (known as ENOCH or SAURID) The Builder Of Great Pyramid?

THOTH  Tablets are impermeable, resistant to all elements, corrosion, and acids. In fact, the atomic and cellular structure is fixed, and no change can occur, thus violating the material law of ionization.…

matrix world disclosure

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