ANTARCTICA: Aliens,UFO bases, Nazi Bases,or Trapped Fallen Angels?
Antarctica Antarctica is most likely the whitest region on earth, with a ridiculous amount of ice that is too harsh humans. Yet, this white mass might be burying some of the darkest…
Archangel Gabriel’s Ark | More powerfull than Ark Of Covenant?
Gabriel's Ark September 11, 2015, a terrible drama took place in Mecca. 107 people died and another 240 were injured. It was said that the origin of this accident would be a…
Antarctic SAGA – Trapped Fallen Angels | Enoch | Nephilim
Fallen Angels - Antarctic SAGA  | VIDEO On March 14, 2017, Israeli News Live posted a provocative movie titled "Fallen angels are locked in Antarctica and are still alive." The commentator, Steven…
Antarctica Is Not What They Are Told To Us | But What Is It?

Antarctica is the southern polar region of the Earth, including the Antarctic continent and the southern parts of the adjacent oceans. It is located in the Antarctic region of the southern hemisphere,…

USO – What Are Unidentified Submerged Objects? Under-waters UFOs?

USO | If the vast majority of people think that are probably the flying machines with which our planet is visited by the beings of the Cosmos, few are the ones who have…

Aliens Underground | Is There Evidence of Extraterrestrial Bases?

Aliens Underground |Are we alone in the universe? This question has long fascinated mankind, and cinema and literature have fueled our imagination. Beyond the extraterrestrials who would come to help us or…

Antarctica Is Smaller! A Glacier Was Detached From The Ice Cap

Antarctica: “The iceberg weighs more than a trillion tons, but it was already floating before it calved away so has no immediate impact on sea level,” said a team of researchers from…

Lake Vostok – Lake Under Antarctic Ice

Lake Vostok – Some Russian researchers have finally managed to penetrate the last Antarctic ice barrier to reveal the mysteries of a unique subglacial lake in the world, Vostok, which has been…

Antarctica is Where Corrupt Angels Were Cast Away by God ?

Antarctica | The Book of Enoch speaks of a time when humanity became corrupt in every way, and a ruthless cataclysm under the form of a global deluge wiped out most of…

The Mystery of Antarctica’s Blood Falls Has Been Revealed

The longstanding mystery surrounding Antarctica’s Blood Falls has finally been solved. The deep red falls were first discovered in Antarctica in 1911 where scientists noticed a river had stained the surrounding cliff of…

Antarctica Cover Up | What If The History You Have Been Taught in School It Was But A LIE?

Antarctica | For so long, the Antarctic region has been considered a complete riddle, with scientists knowing more about our close neighbour Mars than of Earth’s own South Pole. That was of…

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