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ENOCH | The Builder Of Great Pyramid Of Egypt?

Enoch | On the west bank of the Nile, there is the oldest of the ancient world wonders, the Great Pyramid. According to accepted history, the Great Pyramid was built around 2500 BC as the tomb of Pharaoh Khufu. However, the dating of the Pyramid and its association with Khufu is entirely based on the discovery made in 1837 by the British explorer Richard William Howard Vyse (was a British soldier, anthropologist, and Egyptologist. He was also Member of Parliament (MP) for Beverley (from 1807 to 1812) and Honiton (from 1812 to 1818).

Richard  Vyse discovered four small “construction” rooms (with heights between 0.5 meters and 1.2 meters) above the King’s Chamber, which had been sealed and opened by explosion-proof rifle dust.

On some of the walls and ceilings of these rooms (which were empty inside) were found hieroglyphs made with red paint (but only on the limestone blocks), which were added by the workers in the working teams. The inscriptions included two cartridges (royal names enclosed in an oval): “Khufu” and “Khnum-Khufu”.


Major General Richard William Howard Vyse KCMG (25 July 1784 – 8 June 1853) was a British soldier, anthropologist, and Egyptologist. He was also Member of Parliament (MP) for Beverley (from 1807 to 1812) and Honiton (from 1812 to 1818).

Egyptologists were then able to attribute the great Pyramid to Khufu, and construction date of 2500 BC because that`s when they believe Khufu reigned. Since the stones can not be carbon-dated and there is no other inscription in the pyramid except for that cartridge, this dating can not be challenged.

However, new evidence that has been found in Colonel Vyse journal ask researchers questioning his discovery, some have even suggested that he may be forged the name of Khufu, himself.
In Vyse’s private journal its find contradictions. In his private notes, he was desperate to find a cartouche. On this particular night, he writes, there was nothing in the chamber that looks like hieroglyphics. And then, in his published book three years later he writes: “I could only make out one cartouche


Supposedly King Khufu’s cartouche

After the contradicting evidence exposed in 2014, two of University of Dresden archeology students smuggled a sample of the paint used in King Khufu markings and had analyzed by a German laboratory.

The sample was too small to carbon date dating, but the technicians were able to determine something shocking: the pigment was not painted on the original stone blocks, but it was added later when the repairs were done. This finding suggests that the cartouche was not original to the pyramid construction but added at a much later date

Colonel Vyse has spent more than 1.3 million dollars on his expedition to uncover the truth about the great pyramid.

Is it possible that he in his desperation to find something, he did the unthinkable, that he made a forged name of Khufu onto the chamber wall?  Thereby establishing an inaccurate date for the structure?

Interestingly this is not the only one evidence contradicting the date of the pyramid and the entire Gizeh complex. A seven-century BC text known as the Inventory Stela discovered by the archaeologist in 1958 details repairs made by Pharaoh Khufu on the Sphinx


The Inventory Stela was discovered in 1858 at Giza by the French archaeologist Auguste Mariette, during excavations of the Isis temple. The tablet was located very close to the Great Sphinx of Giza.

The Inventory Stela (also known as King’s Daughter’s Stela) is an Ancient Egyptian commemorative tablet dating to the 26th Dynasty (c. 670 BC). It was found in Giza during the 19th century. The stela presents a list of 22 divine statues owned by a Temple of Isis and goes on to claim that the temple existed since before the time of Khufu (c. 2580 BC).
The stela was discovered in 1858 at Giza by the French archaeologist Auguste Mariette, during excavations of the Isis temple. The tablet was located very close to the Great Sphinx of Giza.

The Inventory Stela begs the question: what if Khufu was repairing the Sphinx which was supposedly constructed by his son? how could he be doing that? that suggests that the Sphinx itself was already ancient at the time of Khufu.

Could the dating of entire Gizeh site be wrong?

in 1992 Boston University geologist Robert Schoch created a stir among Egyptologist when he suggested based on the water erosions at the Sphinx enclosure, he will date the site to approx 10500 BC

Some Egyptologists believe it was probably built from the ice age, perhaps by another civilization older and more evolved than the later. Many inscriptions show images of some flying machines that built the pyramids and the Sphinx

Based on the climatologists’ ability to accurately calculate the rainy periods of the past, new conclusions have been reached on the dating of the Sphinx. It seems that the rock that makes up the famous construction has been exposed to erosion between 7000-5000 BC, a period that corresponds to rainy periods in Egyptian history, which makes the Sphinx much older than most Egyptologists say. (Lynn Picknet & Clive Prince, Stargate Conspiracy p. 58) symbol of Egyptian civilization.


Robert M. Schoch (born April 24, 1949) is an associate professor of Natural Sciences at the College of General Studies, a two-year core curriculum for bachelor’s degree candidates at Boston University. He is a proponent of the Sphinx water erosion hypothesis.

Like the Sphinx, it is possible that the great pyramid is also far older than the Egyptologist are willing to admit?

But if so, just who built it?

According to Arabian writers Al-Maqrizi, the great Pyramid was not constructed by Khufu, the great pyramid was constructed long before the great flood by a king with the name of SAURID, and then the old Arabian writers clearly seeing that SAURID is the same person which the Hebrew society calls Enoch.

Who is this character called Enoch?

In “Ancient Legends of the Jews,” ENOCH is a “king over all people,” who reigned for exactly 243 years. In the book of Genesis, ENOCH is mentioned as one of the ten patriarchs who reigned before the Flood. In the Bible, ENOCH is recalled in five sentences (Genesis 5:21 – 24)


Genesis 5:24: “And Enoch walked with God, and he was no longer, for God had taken him”. Enoch was the son of Jared (Genesis 5:19–21), the father of Methuselah, and the great-grandfather of Noah.

Ancient, ENOCH was the builder of the Great Pyramid, or at least as stated by Taqi al-Din Ahmad ibn Abd al-Qadir ibn Muhammad al-Maqritu (1363-1442) in his written work Khitat. It notes that ENOCH was known for different names for different peoples: SAURID, HERMES, IDRIS, and ENOCH.

Enoch was taking up into the heaven by Archangel Mikhail and he was told by the angels of a coming cataclysm and he was instructed to build the Great Pyramid, and he hid in them treasures and books of learning, and all that he feared might be lost.

So that those things stay safe (for more insight read the book History is Wrong by Erich von Daniken)

Among other things, the idea frizes through its absurdity as it denies any traditions of engraving until then, not only by the lack of scale in the presentation but also by the lack of respect for the pharaoh in question (on the idea that it was indeed the Who ordered the construction of the Pyramid).


Khufu, originally Khnum-Khufu. Ruled during the Fourth Dynasty in the first half of the Old Kingdom period (26th century BC).

The rudimentary mention, “hidden” and somehow “tormented” by the name of a great Pharaoh, on two or three walls of very small and bare rooms of a monumental building that he is said to belong to is at least hilarious.

However, it was enough for the nineteenth-century science and the contemporary one to take the so-called “true” information on the tray and then systematically implement it in people’s minds through media. Such an action was far more convenient than recognizing that it was not known who built the largest building on Earth.

Maybe everything we know about Egypt is wrong and we have to go back and open our imagination to the possibilities that there is another explanation that involved the assistance of extraterrestrials for the creation of the Great Pyramid.

For more insights watch the following video:

Here: The Book Of Enoch


  1. History is Wrong by Erich von Daniken
  2. The Book Of Enoch
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