Star Trek Medicine
STAR TREK – Back To The Future Medicines
Star Trek Medicine Many fiction movies today are inspired by science and technological advancements around them. But is this always the case? Not if you consider how a number of fiction movies,…
Why Are We So Obsessed with Pyramids?
Pyramids                                                                …
Could the Right Attitude and Charm Change Your Fortunes?
Attitude                                                               …
Life on Enceladus? complex organic molecules on Saturn’s satellite?
Enceladus From stories about the inhabitants of the Moon to the costly research programs set up by space agencies, identifying the presence of life on another heavenly body seems to be an…
If Atoms Are Mostly Empty Space, Why Are Objects Solid?
Atoms The primordial, imperceptible and indivisible particle, whose history begins 2,500 years ago in Ancient Greece. The evolution of knowledge of the matter, the discovery of the atomic structure of reality, is,…
Your Blood | Outstanding Facts and Curiosities about Human Blood
Blood How much do you know about blood? Why does the blood have the red colour? Did you know that his role is to transport oxygen and nutrients to the body? But…
Your Eyes | Outstanding Facts and Curiosities about Human Eyes
Eyes, the We do not think for a moment how bad we do to our eyes sitting in front of the computer from morning till night. We forget that the eyes are…
About Dream
About Dreaming | Outstanding Facts and Curiosities about Human Dream
Dream The dream is one of the most captivating human experiences. The dream carries on the paths of the subconscious, revealing symbolically the interesting aspects of our unconscious personality. Neuroscientists still have…
Time Travel
Is Time Travel Possible? Answer of the scientists to this enigma of all time
Time Travel Scientists claim that, at least at the theoretical level, time travel is possible. There is no mathematical reason to show that a time machine cannot go beyond time and return…
Brain About: Outstanding Facts and Curiosities about Human Brain
Brain About Brain conceals many mysteries and in the attempt to elucidate and discover them there are some extraordinary curiosities that have come to light. The human brain remains an enigma for researchers,…
Your Heart ♥ Outstanding Facts and Curiosities about Human Heart
Heart Research over the last few years has led us to a new level of understanding our existence. The heart is a fascinating organ that has its own 'life', generating an incredible…
Philadelphia Experiment | Project led by Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla?
Philadelphia Experiment On the edge of the mysterious Rainbow Project, known as the Philadelphia Experiment, there have been rivers of ink for nearly seven decades, without any single researcher being able to…
What is Gravity and How Does it Work? | Universe Mysteries
Gravity fights with quantum theory. It does not fit into the Standard Model. As if it were not enough, nobody detected the particle that is responsible. So, what is gravity? The effects…
Placebo Effect
The Placebo Effect Exists. But How Does it Work?
Placebo | The word "placebo" comes from Latin and means "I would like" or "please." In the post-study study, it has been shown that most people receiving placebo have an improvement in…
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