10 of Most Influential Ancient Women in Histopry
10 of Most Influential Ancient Women in History
10 of Most Women influenced the course of world history no less than men did. They intrigued, seized power, and changed the map of the world. In this article, there are the…
The Ulfberht swords
Ulfberht Sword: The Viking Weapon Ahead of Its Time
Ulfberht The Ulfberht swords are a group of medieval swords found in Europe, dated to the 9th to 11th centuries, with blades inlaid with the inscription +VLFBERHT+ (and variants). That word is…
ARK of Archangel Gabriel
ARK of Archangel Gabriel | Myth or Reality?
Gabriel Various ancient books unveil bits and pieces of humanity’s past. Among the most prevalent and revealing of them all is the Bible. When looked upon with the worn glasses of yesterday’s…
Enoch | Great Pyramid Mystery
Enoch | The Great Pyramid Mystery
Enoch | The Great Pyramid Mystery We have been reading and listening about the Great Pyramids of Giza since our childhood whether we are Jews, Christians or belong to the religion, Islam.…
Movile Cave
Movile Cave: The Only Place On Earth Like Mars Habitat
Movile Cave Video Movile Cave Being silent for many years, the accidental discovery of some Romanian specialists conducting geodesic studies in 1986 for the location of a thermal power station near the Black Sea…
Troy of the Carpathians
Troy of the Carpathians | A 3400-year-old fortress found in Sântana
Troy of the Carpathians One of the largest fortifications in the prehistory of Europe, with an estimated age of about 3,400 years, was highlighted during some archeological excavations carried out this summer…
El Dorado Map
Is El Dorado Real? Myth, Legend or Lost City Of Gold?
El Dorado The name "El Dorado" has been attributed throughout the years to a city or countries with a fabulous wealth, inaccessible to geographers, explorers, and adventurers. All those who have ventured…
Tiwanaku | Mysterious Modular Blocks at 13.123 feet
Tiwanaku / Tiahuanaco One of the oldest civilizations that existed on Earth has lived and developed in the Tiahuanaco ( Tiwanaku) region of Bolivia. The mysterious civilization, supposedly living about 14,000 years…
Cahokia: North American Mounds
Cahokia | City that vanished 1000 yrs ago & the mysterious clay pyramids
Cahokia Lost City About a millennium before Columbus arrived in the New World, on the land of today's St. Louis of Missouri, was founded an American settlement that in a very short…
Pando aspen grove at Fishlake National Forest
The Forest That Grows From a Single ROOT | Pando, Trembling Giant
Pando or The Trembling Giant One of the greatest secrets of life on our planet was discovered just four decades ago. This is an astonishing organism, considered to be the largest living…
Gobekli Tepe
Gobekli Tepe | The Mysterious Temple More Than 10.000 years Old
Gobekli Tepe A place in southeastern Turkey, on the Syrian border, has been amazed in recent years by archaeological discoveries that change the way we look at people who lived 10,000 years…
Dacians and Great Sanctuary at Sarmizegetusa | DACIAN CALENDAR
Dacians|Mysteries of Dacian Calendar There are a few Dacic-like buildings in the world that, although thousands of kilometers away from each other, and their builders belonged to quite different cultures, show similarities…
Who were the Ancient Gods of Human Race? And Where They Are?
Gods, they would recognize the superiority of a being that would become more important in time than any of them ... MAN… What we can now see with our eyes everywhere is the…
Ancient Nuclear Explosions? War Between Rama and Atlantis Empire?

Nuclear Explosions | The human past is truly mysterious, and much of it was not intentionally concealed by the occult forces that did not want us to know the truth. But there…

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