Area 51 Secrets & Cover-Ups | Are we the real Aliens and UFO Sightings?

Secrets | For years, the Pentagon has denied it, even when it became publicly known…

Men In Black | CASE BENDER – The Enigma of an Existence

CASE BENDER – On the evening of July 30, 1952, Albert K. Bender received a…

Arcturians – Ascended Master of the Galactic Confederation

Arcturians | Human civilization is undoubtedly approaching a threshold with which it will have to…

Extraterrestrial Alloys
Extraterrestrial Alloys | When Their Crash Shaped Our History

Extraterrestrial Alloys | How much do we know about these mysterious materials? They are part…

Whistleblower | They changed our view of UFOs, Aliens and Secrets

Whistleblower | Several sources inside the system have revealed that the extra-terrestrial equipment obtained by…

Dark Secrets
Dark Secrets | UFOs, Roswell, Greys, Reptilians and Tesla`s Death Ray

Dark Secrets | “Elite” already possesses magnetic energy and other forms of free energy, but…

TR-3B Black Triangle ∇ Code Name: ASTRA | Magnetic Field Disruptor Plane

TR-3B Black Triangle ∇ In recent years, countless people have reported seeing flying objects of…

Solar Warden
Solar Warden ⊗ Secret Space Program From Reagan’s Presidency?

Solar Warden | The discovery made by the hacker who entered NASA’s databases is fabulous.…

Majestic 12
Majestic 12 • Conspiracy Of Silence • World Biggest Cover Up

Majestic 12 | One of the topics that obsess American ufologists but also divides them…

Dulce Base
Dulce Base ⊗ DEEP, DARK, SECRET and Aliens Involved

Dulce Base | One of the most important cities bearing the imprint of the world…

Mysteries of the Moon | It Was Built By Aliens?

Mysteries | The theory accepted by most scientists about the origin of the Moon is…

Conspiracy Of Silence | UFO Cover Up | The Secret Space Program

Conspiracy | The intelligence services, together with various groups that would lead the world out…

SETI Project
SETI Project: Detection of sophisticated extraterrestrial civilizations

 SETI Project | In 1960, Freeman Dyson, a mathematician and physicist, predicted that every civilization…

Ministry of Defence (U. K.) Declassified UFO Files | ‘Welsh Roswell’

Declassified. The final part of unidentified flying object files released by The National Archives contains…

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