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How often do you look up into the night sky and wonder just how many stars, planets, galaxies, and more are out there? What is it about deep space that so ignites our collective imagination? ARE WE ALONE?

Life on Enceladus? complex organic molecules on Saturn’s satellite?
Enceladus From stories about the inhabitants of the Moon to the costly research programs set up by space agencies, identifying the presence of life on another heavenly body seems to be an…
If Atoms Are Mostly Empty Space, Why Are Objects Solid?
Atoms The primordial, imperceptible and indivisible particle, whose history begins 2,500 years ago in Ancient Greece. The evolution of knowledge of the matter, the discovery of the atomic structure of reality, is,…
Asteroid 4 Vesta | So large & bright that it can be seen with the naked eye
4 Vesta The asteroid known as 4 Vesta is so large and bright that it can be noticed despite being 170 million miles away. According to Mail Online, it can be seen…
South Atlantic Anomaly,radically changes the Earth’s magnetic field
South Atlantic Anomaly Scientists warn that something is wrong with our planet. More precisely, they are concerned about a certain area where the magnetic field is so weak that it is dangerous…
Bronzite (Enstatit) | Therapeutical Properties and Crystal Information
Bronzite Bronzite is a stone that has an anti-curse effect, is a magic protector and rejects negative thoughts. From a psychological point of view, this crystal is a courtesy stone, strengthens discernment…
Tiwanaku | Mysterious Modular Blocks at 13.123 feet
Tiwanaku / Tiahuanaco One of the oldest civilizations that existed on Earth has lived and developed in the Tiahuanaco ( Tiwanaku) region of Bolivia. The mysterious civilization, supposedly living about 14,000 years…
Cahokia | City that vanished 1000 yrs ago & the mysterious clay pyramids
Cahokia Lost City About a millennium before Columbus arrived in the New World, on the land of today's St. Louis of Missouri, was founded an American settlement that in a very short…
The Forest That Grows From a Single ROOT | Pando, Trembling Giant
Pando or The Trembling Giant One of the greatest secrets of life on our planet was discovered just four decades ago. This is an astonishing organism, considered to be the largest living…
Gobekli Tepe | The Mysterious Temple More Than 10.000 years Old
Gobekli Tepe A place in southeastern Turkey, on the Syrian border, has been amazed in recent years by archaeological discoveries that change the way we look at people who lived 10,000 years…
Shadow of the Pyramid | Natural hologram in the shape of a pyramid
Pyramid Every year, dozens of curious people climb up the Toaca peak to see how the mountain shadows merge into a virtual pyramid. The phenomenon, unique in Romania, has a scientific explanation,…
The Mushrooms Could be an Alien Species | A Crazy Hypothesis?
Mushrooms A crazy hypothesis: mushrooms could be extraterrestrial species coming from the Universe to colonize the Earth. When you look in a dark night and see the unknown stars scattered in the sky,…
Unusual and Strange Things About Amazing Earth
Unusual We are born on Earth, we take it in the inheritance and we do not understand much about our planet unless we study it thoroughly. Without having access to the information…
The Power of Your Thought | When Man Can Become Like A God
Thought The manifestation of the Spirit in the form of human perception is the thought! In the spiritual world, every action is realized through thought. From the perspective of the material world,…
Mesentery: Scientists have discovered a new organ within the human body
Mesentery American researchers claim they have discovered a new organ of the human body. They have also baptized it - it is called Interstitium/mesentery and could be the largest organ of the…
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