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Enoch Δ Builder Of The Great Pyramid Of Egypt? | MYSTERY

Enoch | On the west bank of the Nile, there is the oldest of the ancient world wonders, the Great Pyramid. According to accepted history, the Great Pyramid was built around 2500 BC as the tomb of Pharaoh Khufu. However, the…

Lake Vostok – Lake Under Antarctic Ice

Lake Vostok – Some Russian researchers have finally managed to penetrate the last Antarctic ice barrier to reveal the mysteries of a unique subglacial lake in the world, Vostok, which has been isolated here for 20 million years, according to…

Greek Fire – The Atomic Bomb of Antiquity | Greek or Byzantine Fire

Greek Fire | There are many reports of terrible weapons in the history of the art of war which has made the balance at some point in history tilted to one side or another. Some of the stories about these…

Mars Structures and Connections Great Pyramid and Sphinx Of Egypt

Mars Structures |From Mars to Sphinx. Enigmatic and transcendent, the Sphinx still is, to scientists a mystery. The ancient mystery sciences associated with Egyptian Gnosticism, astrology, tarot, or alchemy give special importance to the Sphinx, associating it with the keeper…

Teotihuacan | Tunnel Discovered Near The Pyramid Of The Moon

Teotihuacan |Researchers at the National Institute of Anthropology and History in Mexico say they have evidence of a secret tunnel dug under the Teotihuacan Moon Pyramid.According to archaeologists, the tunnel would symbolize a passage to the “Underworld” The top three…

Alien Rulers Of Ancient Egypt | Was AKHENATEN Alien KING?

Akhenaten is considered one of the most mysterious pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. His religious actions, taken in the course of his life, pushed Egyptologists to call him the “Alien Pharaoh.” He reigned over the Pharaoh’s realm in the 18th Egyptian…

SETI Project: Detection of sophisticated extraterrestrial civilizations

 SETI Project | In 1960, Freeman Dyson, a mathematician and physicist, predicted that every civilization in the Universe will reach the point where it will exhaust the energy resources on its own planet if it survives long enough. Dyson argued…

Alien Ruler | Kings Of Ancient Egypt | Tulli Papyrus | Dendera Lamps

Alien Ruler…The history of ancient Egypt is a permanent attraction for this epoch. It captivates with the charm of the mysteries and enigmas that are waiting to be decoded, but also through the other-worldly aspects specific to it. Whether it’s…

Astronomers | Building Blocks For Life Discovered In Planet-Forming Disk

Astronomers have found complex organic molecules — the chemical building blocks for life — in the planet-forming disk of gas and dust around a young star, according to a new study.Though such life-forming molecules have been detected in interstellar space before, this…

Space Kingdom Of ASGARDIA | Out Of This World Idea

Asgardia, formally called the space Kingdom of Asgardia may be a proposal for nation declared on October 12, 2016, by Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, the founding father of the Aerospace International Research Centre and Chairman of UNESCO’s Science of Space Committee.The…

Great American Total Solar Eclipse | First Contact in Oregon August 21, 2017 UT

Eclipse Warning: Sun should never be observed with naked eyes or with any unfiltered optical instruments. Doing so can result in permanent eye damage. There are however many safe ways to observe the Sun or a Solar Eclipses, including using…

Ministry of Defence (U. K.) Declassified UFO Files | ‘Welsh Roswell’

Declassified. The final part of unidentified flying object files released by The National Archives contains a large range of UFO-related documents, drawings, letters, photos and parliamentary queries covering the ultimate two years of the Ministry of Defence’s unidentified flying object…

Oldest Known Planet Identified – Jupiter | UNIVERSE

Jupiter formed in a geologic blink. Its rocky core coalesced less than a million years after the beginning of our solar system, scientists reported Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Within another 2 million or 3…

Churchill UFO Cover-Up | Calvine UFO Files – British Declassified UFO Documents

UFO |The government took the threat of UFOs so seriously in the 1950s that UK intelligence chiefs met to discuss the issue, newly-released files show.Britain’s World War 2 Prime Minister had a fascination with life on other planets and mused…

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