Black Holes | Is the entire Universe inside of one of it?

  Black Holes| According to the theory we currently have about the formation of the Universe, if we travel back in time with nearly 13.8 billion years, we will reach a singularity (a hot, very dense energy point) where laws…

Dwarf planet Ceres | Evidence for ice at or near the surface of the planet

Dwarf | In a recent study published in “Geophysical Research Letters” by researchers at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, it was found that the surface features and interior of the Ceres dwarf planet are more closely linked than previously thought.…

The Current War | Nikola Tesla > Thomas Alva Edison 〈AC/DC〉

Edison vs Tesla | When you think about electricity, you think about Edison. When you think about the radio, you think about Marconi. But there is a man, a genius of electricity, a man almost forgotten today. A man who…

Could they pass through the Van Allen Belt to the Moon | Or Not?

Van Allen Radiation Belt is a double torch formed of particles of energy (plasma) around Earth, retained by its magnetic field. Under the action of Lorentz electromagnetic forces, these particles describe the spiral trajectories between the two magnetic poles of…

The Most Frightening Places in the Solar System | Universe

Solar System  | The highest, the deepest, the hottest, the weirdest: our solar system is a place of extremes. In a new work, “The Most Extreme 50 Places in the Solar System”, researchers David Baker and Todd Ratcliff are taking…

Ancient Nuclear Explosions? War Between Rama and Atlantis Empire?

Nuclear Explosions | The human past is truly mysterious, and much of it was not intentionally concealed by the occult forces that did not want us to know the truth. But there are two ancient Indian works, Mahabharata and Ramayana,…

Nikola Tesla | Brilliant Inventor of the Second Millennium

Inventor | All his inventions have gone mental, he has previewed them. Also, they all have been perfected, corrected in such a real mental projection that never imagined a device has failed. Everything worked perfectly, without further correction, everything was…

matrix world disclosure

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