The Mythical ‘Sunstone’ Vikings Used To Navigate Warships

The Mythical ‘Sunstone’, The Sunstone is a type of mineral attested in several 13th–14th century written sources in Iceland, one of which describes its use to locate the sun in a completely overcast sky. Sunstones are also mentioned in the…

PANDORA: A Good Girl with Wrong Choices?

PANDORA | Pandora’s box is an origin myth – the attempt to explain the beginning of something. People have always wanted to know why things happen in the world the way they do. Before there was much science, they did…

Mars Enigma ⇔ Could a Plane Fly on Mars?! Or Not?

Mars Enigma |Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second-smallest planet in the Solar System, after Mercury. Named after the Roman God of War, it is often referred to as the “Red Planet” because the iron oxide prevalent…

Mystery of the Giant Eye – Richat Structure

Richat Structure, also known as the Eye of the Sahara or blue eye of Africa, is a prominent geological circular feature in the Sahara desert in Mauritania near Ouadane. It is nearly 50 kilometres across and very visible from space.…

CERES “Alien lights”: Is There ALIEN Life On Ceres?

Ceres, the largest body in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, is being observed by the spacecraft Dawn which arrived in the Spring. The tiny sub-planet, which is found in the asteroid belt situated between Mars and Jupiter, has…

POLYBOLOS – Innovative Catapult of Dionysius

Polybolos | Catapults have been integral to siege warfare since antiquity. Though Ancient Catapults were one of the most effective weapons in siege warfare. Various types of Catapults have been used by the Greeks, Romans, and Chinese. The first catapults were early…

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